What Are Remote Car Starters and When Is Installing One Right for You?

Autopage C3RS730LCD Remote Start 4 Channel Alarm (Black)

Directed 556U-B / 556UW Universal Remote Start Immobilizer Bypass Module ( 556U )

Remote starters are devices that allow you to start your car from a distance. These starters are available with a variety of different features to suit your specific lifestyle and needs.

If you’ve ever had to trudge outside early in the morning through snow and ice in order to start your car on a winter morning, you know the value of being able to start your car remotely from inside your home! There are a number of automatic starters on the market, all of them with a selection of different features. A car electronics specialist can help explain what those various options are, assist you in deciding if an automatic starter is right for you, and help you pick which features will be most useful for your specific situation.

While the term “remote car starter” is, on a basic level, self-explanatory, there are a number of details that you should know about if you’re actually considering getting one installed. The essential function of an automatic car starter is to allow you to start your engine–and your heater or air conditioner–from a distance. If you live in a cold climate, this ability can save you time and can ensure your comfort on cold mornings. If you live in a very warm location, an automatic starter allows you to step into a pleasant, pre-cooled car interior before you start driving. Most remote car starters work from a range of 500 to 1,000 feet, which means that when you’re getting ready to leave work, home, the grocery store, or anywhere else for that matter, you can enjoy the convenience of starting your car from a distance with a simple press of a button.

If installing a car starter sounds like something that would be useful for you, contact an automotive electronics expert to find out about the various remote starters that will work with your vehicle. These professionals will also be able to inform you about additional features, such as keyless entry and smart starters, that are available with some models. Keyless entry is, as it sounds like, the ability to unlock your car remotely without having to fumble with keys as you’re trying to open the door. Smart starters are automatic car starter systems that are linked to your smart phone. With a smart starter, you won’t even have to have a separate car starter device with you–you can do everything with the touch of a button on your mobile device!

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